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Refund Policy



Client is permitted only one cancellation during a 30-day period. Client will contact Counselor to reschedule canceled session. Should a rescheduled session be canceled, client forfeits the right to that counseling session. Client shall pay in advance for further counseling services.

Client is advised that any missed sessions are not refundable. Client may speak with Counselor to explain reason for missed session. The decision to reschedule missed session will be determined by the Counselor.  

If and when a client decides they wish to discontinue counseling services, they must notify Counselor in writing prior to or at the end of their final session.  Any remaining paid-in advance sessions shall be refunded to the client, minus a $50 administrative fee, and a 5% fee based on the remaining funds. The 5% fee is charged to cover the cost paid to credit card company.